Frequently Asked Questions

- **What is your quality guarantee for lures?**

  Our commitment is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you find any reason to be dissatisfied with your lure within the first 14 days of purchase, you can return it for a refund. Refunds will be issued to the original payment method, and please note that shipping costs are not included. To be eligible for a refund, the lure must be in perfect condition without any damage.

- **Do I have to pay VAT if I live outside the European Union?**

  No, VAT is applicable only to orders within the European Union. Tax calculations are automated based on your location during registration or checkout. However, please be aware that customs in your country may impose import taxes when your package arrives.

- **How long will it take to receive my order?**

  For commissioned lures, which are always made to order, please note that we meticulously handcraft each one. As a result, the typical completion time ranges from 6 to 12 weeks from the date of your order, depending on the existing order queue. If you require a more precise estimate, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We understand that urgent orders may arise, and in such cases, contact us, and we'll make every effort to accommodate your request.

  For our stock items, they are generally dispatched within a few business days, ensuring a quicker delivery for readily available products.

- **Can you create custom colors for lures?**

  Certainly! We are always open to experimenting with new color schemes. Please send us an email with a detailed description of your specific request, and including pictures will greatly assist us in understanding your vision.

- **Can you personalize my lure with a custom design?**

  Yes, we offer custom signage for lures. Send us an email with the particulars of your custom design, and we can discuss your preferences.

- **Can you produce different sizes of your lure models upon request?**

  Unfortunately, custom sizing is not a straightforward process and may not be possible.

- **Can you recommend local tackle shops carrying Lucky Lures?**

  We collaborate with a select group of retailers, some of which may have limited stock. You can inquire with us for details.

- **Can you repaint lures from other brands?**

  No, we exclusively focus on our own lure designs and do not offer repainting services for lures from other brands.

- **My lure got damaged; can you repair it?**

  In most cases, damaged lures can be fixed by creating replacement parts. However, this is a custom job, and fees may apply.

- **Can you create trophies for fishing contests or events?**

  Absolutely! We have a history of crafting trophies for various fishing contests and events. Please get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs.

- **Accepted Payment Methods:**

  We accept PayPal, credit cards, iDEAL, and bank transfers as payment methods for your convenience.

- **Shipping Information:**

  We ship with renowned carriers like TNT and UPS. Read our delivery information page for more details regarding shipping methods, delivery times, and tracking.