Unveiling the Legends: The World's Biggest Pike Ever Caught

Unveiling the Legends: The World's Biggest Pike Ever Caught

Het In the realm of angling and freshwater fishing, few creatures are as revered and sought after as the mighty pike. Known for their formidable size, predatory instincts, and breathtaking battles, these apex predators have captured the imagination of anglers worldwide. With their elongated bodies, sharp teeth, and lightning-fast strikes, pike have become legends in the fishing world, inspiring tales of epic encounters and record-breaking catches.

NEW OFFICIAL Dutch Record Pike 

Dutch record weight: 23 KG 
Length: 138 cm 
Angler: Siegfried Schön 
Date of capture: October 12, 2019

World Record Pike Claimed At Over 58 Lb!

Location: Czech Republic.
Angler: Lukas Matejka
Length: 133 cm
Weight: 26.7 kg (58 lb 14 oz)
Date of capture: 2019
Bait: unknown

Bulgarian Giant

Location: Bulgaria
Length: 140 cm
Weight: 25.3 kg
Date of capture: 2019
Bait: unknown

OFFICIAL World Record Pike

World record weight: 55 lb. 1 oz. (25 kg.)

Location: Greffern Lake, West Germany
Angler: Lothar Louis
Date of capture: October 16, 1986
Bait: cast spoon
Time of battle: 40 minutes
Previous record: 46 lb. 2 oz., Peter Dubuc

North American Record Pike

World record weight: 46 lb. 2 oz.

Location: Sacandaga Lake, New York

Angler: Peter Dubuc

Date of capture: September 15, 1940

Bait: unknown

Time of battle: unknown

Avid angler Peter Dubuc caught the current North American Record back in 1940 while pike fishing in New York’s Sacandaga Lake. Unfortunately there are no known pictures of this record pike, and Peter didn’t have this monster pike stuffed either. He said he did not want to pay the taxidermist $52.50 to have the 52.5 inch long fish mounted.

Canadian record pike

This is probably the biggest northern pike ever caught in Manitoba (Canada). And they ate the evidence. The estimated 70-inch fish was caught in Cedar Lake by a resident of Easterville, a small aboriginal community about 100 kilometers southeast of The Pas. The Manitoba record for northern pike is 42.42 pounds, set in 1977. The Cedar Lake catch is estimated to have weighed more than 50 pounds. 

from the 23 March 1999 Calgary Sun

French Record Pike

World record weight: 43 lb. and when measured its length was 1.37m (53.9 in)
Location: Lake Pareloup, France
Angler: Philippe Coste
Date of capture: May 2009

Italian record Pike

Weight: 55 lb / 24.90 kg 
Location: Lake Maggiore 
Angler: Carlo Aimonetti
Date of capture: Unknown

Massive French Pike

Length: 137 cm
Location: France
Weight: unknown
Angler: Sylvain Legendre
Date of capture: 2012

Massive Dutch Pike

Length: 124 cm

Location: Netherlands
Weight: 21 KG
Angler: Ruud van der Velden
Date of capture: 2009

Massive Dutch Pike

Length: 130 cm
Location: Netherlands
Weight: 21 KG
Angler: Dick van Hattem
Date of capture: Februari 2008

Massive Amur Pike

Length: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Angler: Vasily Petrov
Date of capture: Unknown

Massive Polish Pike

Length: Unknown
Weight: 63.14 lbs/28.64 kg
Angler: Unknown
Date of capture: Unknown

Massive Italian Pikes

Weight: 24 kg
Angler: Maurizio Rossini
Date of capture: Unknown

Dutch monster pike

Size: 127 CM / 42.9 POUNDS
Location: Holland
Angler: Ewout Blom
Date of capture: 2004

UK record PIKE

Length: Unknown
Weight: 46 lb 13 oz
Location: Llandegfedd Reservoir, Wales
Angler: Roy Lewis.
Date of capture: October 1992

German record pike

This could be considered the World Record Northern Pike caught from an abandoned stone quarry in Germany in 1983. It was caught by Arno Wilhelm and measured 57" and weighed 67 lbs. 4 oz..

Length: 57" - 145 CM
Location: abandoned stone quarry in Germany
Weight: 67 lbs. 4 oz
Angler: Arno Wilhelm
Date of capture: 1983

Swedish record pike

Length: Unknown
Location: Sødertalj - Sweden
Weight: 58.58 lbs/26.57 kg
Angler: Fehmi Varli
Date of capture: 1986

Massive German pike

Length: 140 cm
Location: Biggesee - Germany
Weight: 52.47 lbs/23.8 KG
Angler: Uwe Schwirten
Date of capture: Dec 2007 

Dutch Colossus

Weight: 20.59 KG

Length: 127.5 cm 

Angler: Siegfried Schön 

Date of capture: 2021

Lure: Lucky Lures - Esox V2 ⭐️

Italian Beauty

Length: 143 cm
Location: Italy
Weight: 43 pounds (19.504 kg)
Angler: Paolo Paccchiarini
Date of capture: 2021

Dutch Giant

Location: Volkerak - Netherlands

Angler: Unknown

Italian Giant

Length: 141 cm
Location: Italy
Weight: Unknown
Anglers: Roman & Nico
Date of capture: 2023

Dutch polder Beast

Length: 137 cm
Location: Netherlands
Weight: Unknown
Anglers: Berthil Bos
Date of capture: 2015

Slovakian Colossus

Length: 130 cm

Location: Dunaszerdahely, Slovakia

Weight: Unknown

Angler: Robert Kajos

Date of capture: 2022

Dutch beauty

Length: 130 cm

Location: Netherlands

Weight: Unknown

Angler: Sean Wit

Date of capture: 2014
Lure: Lucky Perch  ⭐️ 

Massive dutch Northern

Length: 122 cm

Location: Netherlands

Weight: 20,3 kg

Angler: Frans van der Putte

Date of capture: december 2017
Lure: Dead Sardine

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