Lucky Perch - Charteuse Glitter

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    Lucky Perch - Charteuse Glitter

    This three-sectional swimbait has an ideal weight and size for comfortable casting and trolling monster Pike and Muskie.

    The design was based on the original wooden Lucky perch swimbait which was one of the very first swimbaits we made. Designed as a medium/fast sinker without a diving lip, it offers little resistance while swimming. Featuring a tight swimming action that closely mimics the motion of a real fish, this lure delivers a stable and captivating performance. The balance system ensures remarkable stability, making it virtually impossible to stall. With its unique wig-shaped head, this swimbait maintains depth while swimming, thanks to the water pressure. The joint design allows you to witness the underwater action at your rod tip, while also ensuring that even the smallest piece of weed or dirt on your hooks remains noticeable. This swimbait has now become a classic addition to our collection, embodying its enduring popularity and exceptional performance. Anglers worldwide continue to appreciate its outstanding features, making it a must-have for unforgettable fishing experiences.

    The Lucky Perch is made out of the best available materials and as strong and tough as possible. The body of this bait is made out of solid resin wich is pressure-casted at 60 psi, to ensure a bubble free and strong body, airbrushed with pearlized colors, installed with ss hardware, given multiple coats of hi-gloss epoxy and finally fitted with a flexible fin made out of High Grade silicone. 


     19 cm / 7.5"
     140 Gram / 5 Oz
    Slow sinking
    Running Depth
    0.5 - 1.5 meter or deeper by adding weight

    • All individually handmade - Made in Holland. 

    • Solid resin body - Pressure casted 

    • Airbrushed with pearlized paints 

    • Thick hi-gloss multi-layer topcoat 

    • High Grade Silicone tailfin - easy replaceable - spare fin included 

    • Realistic glass handpainted eyes 

    • All stainless steel hardware 

    • Signed and numbered 

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