Lucky Rat - CHIPMUNK

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    Lucky Rat - CHIPMUNK

    We've long envisioned creating the ultimate surface swimming rat that excels in both casting and trolling. After extensive research and development, we proudly present the remarkable features of our Lucky Rat. Designed with a lipless body, this lure ensures smooth gliding through the water, while its soft yet durable silicone tail provides lifelike movement.

    What sets the Lucky Rat apart is its innovative top hook rigging system, complete with a magnet holder, enabling seamless fishing in weeded areas. Perfecting the design wasn't an easy journey, as we dedicated an entire year to meticulously crafting and testing numerous prototypes in various setups. The result is a little furry friend that brought us immense joy during the spring, summer, and fall fishing seasons.

    There's something truly captivating about the uniqueness of rats. When pike target their typical prey, it can be a graceful spectacle. However, when they encounter a rat, it's an entirely different story. Rats, known for their tenacity, can unleash a world of pain even upon ferocious toothed predators like pike. A pike's attack on a rat is a swift and deadly pursuit, as it chomps and gnashes with an explosive force. Prepare yourself for an adrenaline-filled experience unlike any other. To complement the allure of the Lucky Rat, each lure will be meticulously packaged in our new deluxe wooden boxes, providing a touch of sophistication to accompany your fishing adventures.


    Length26 cm / 10.2"
    Weight86 grams / 3 oz
    ActionTopwater / Surface swimmer
    Running Depth0 - 0.1 meter or deeper by adding weight
    • All individually handmade - Made in Holland.  

    • Solid resin body - Pressure casted 

    • Airbrushed with pearlized paints

    • Thick hi-gloss multi-layer epoxy topcoat  

    • Soft and flexible Durable Silicone Tail - easy replaceable. Spare tail kit included.  

    • Top and/or bottom hook rigging.  

    • Magnetic hook holder for top froghook rigging. Frog hook included.  

    • Realistic glass hand-painted eyes  

    • All stainless steel hardware 

    • Fitted with SS Xtra Heavy split rings 

    • Signed and numbered

    DESIGN PATENT NO. 005823093-0001


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