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    The sheer number of trout species is awe-inspiring, with their wide array of colors and variations. However, they all share one common trait: their delectability to large predators such as pike, bass, and muskie. The Lucky Trout is a revamped version of the original wooden Lucky Trouts I created many years ago. The initial trout swimbaits have been gnawed to the bone and rendered unfit for fishing. Hence, I saw fit to remake and enhance them, and thus, the new Lucky Trout was born!

    This three-sectional swimbait boasts an optimal weight and size, making it ideal for comfortable casting and trolling in pursuit of monstrous pike and muskie. It is designed to be a medium/fast sinker without a diving lip, minimizing resistance during swimming. With its lifelike swimming motion, mirroring that of an actual fish, and remarkable stability, this swimbait exhibits a tight swimming action. The balance system incorporated in this lure ensures exceptional stability, making it nearly impossible to stall. It offers great versatility and can be fished at a slow pace, imitating a leisurely cruising trout. On the other hand, when retrieved rapidly, it mimics a distressed trout darting erratically. With a simple flick, it can make a 90-degree turn, sink horizontally, and its gradual sinking action allows you to adjust its depth before commencing the retrieval. 

    In addition to its impressive features, it's worth mentioning that the Lucky Trout incorporates precious metals to emulate the beauty of these magnificent fish. We utilize genuine 23 karat gold leaf and silver leaf to adorn the swimbait, adding a touch of opulence and elegance. These precious metals not only enhance its visual appeal but also contribute to the overall craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into creating each Lucky Trout. By incorporating real gold and silver elements, we aim to capture the essence of these stunning trout species and create a truly captivating fishing lure.

    The Lucky Trout is made out of the best available materials and as strong and tough as possible. The body of this bait is made out of solid resin wich is pressure-casted at 60 psi, to ensure a bubble free and strong body, airbrushed with pearlized colors, installed with ss hardware, deep brilliant glass eyes, given multiple coats of hi-gloss epoxy and finally fitted with a flexible fin made out of silicone.


    Length22 cm (8.7")
    Weight145 Gram (5 Oz)
    ActionSlow sinking
    Running depth0.5 - 1.5 meter or deeper by adding weight

    • Genuine Silver Leaf finish

    • All individually handmade - Made in Holland.

    • Solid resin body - Pressure casted

    • Airbrushed with pearlized paints

    • Thick hi-gloss multi-layer epoxy topcoat

    • Silicone flexible fin. Easy replaceable. Spare fin included.

    • Realistic glass handpainted eyes

    • All stainless steel hardware

    • Signed and numbered

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